DEX 1inch aggregator achieves new $ 84M airdrop

DEX 1inch aggregator sends $ 84 million to active Uniswap and Mooniswap users. This is a marketing campaign or “vampire airdrop” to attract users of competing projects. $ 84 million airdrop A new 1inch airdrop allows Mooniswap and Uniswap users to receive 1INCH tokens . What are the eligibility criteria? The airdrop distributed 6 million […]

Goal, TAM and Blue must use a blockchain passport for Covid-19 test certification

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which brings together some 300 airlines from all over the world, including Brazilian airlines, has announced that its DLT platform, called Travel Pass, is operational and therefore available to its members Goal, TAM and Blue must use a blockchain passport for certification of Covid-19NOTTICES tests Brazil’s largest airlines, Gol, […]

Rick en Morty-gerelateerde crypto kunstwerk verkocht

Rick en Morty-gerelateerde crypto kunstwerk verkocht op een veiling voor $150.000. Het kunstwerk van Justin Roiland, medeschepper van de animatieserie Rick and Morty, stond op de NFT-beurs van Gemini. Een crypto kunstwerk gemaakt door Justin Roiland, medeschepper van de populaire animatieserie Rick en Morty, is voor een flinke Bitcoin Up prijs verkocht op de non-fungible […]

PayPal could earn $ 2 billion in revenue from Bitcoin

An analyst from the Mizuho financial group believes that PayPal could significantly increase its turnover thanks to its highly successful cryptocurrency services. PayPal faces huge demand for its Bitcoin and crypto services Dan Dolev’s prediction was reported by the Market Watch media outlet . Dolev has revised its PayPal stock price prediction (PYPL) upward , […]

Institutionerna “verkar ha missat” på Bitcoins rally till en ny all-time high: rapport

Institutionella investerare verkar i allmänhet ha missat bitcoins rally till en ny all-time high över $ 24 000, eftersom medan privata investerare utnyttjade sina långa positioner, skar institutionerna sina och tog vinst. Enligt en rapport som publicerades av OKEx Insight nådde öppet intresse ett nytt rekordhögt värde på 8,9 miljarder dollar under helgen, och OKEx […]

Händler blicken beim nächsten Rückzug von BTC/USD auf Schlüsselniveaus: Sally Ho’s Technische Analyse 6. Dezember 2020 BTC

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) weitete seine jüngste starke Kursaktivität aus, da Händler nach den anhaltenden Gewinnen des Paares weiterhin die psychologisch wichtige Zahl 20000 im Auge behalten. Bemerkenswert ist, dass BTC/USD seit Anfang Oktober um etwa 84% und seit Anfang November um etwa 44% gestiegen ist. Das Paar handelte vor kurzem um sein kürzlich erreichtes Allzeithoch im […]

Michael Novogratz: “Invest 5% of your portfolio in Bitcoin (BTC)”

Pro-Bitcoin (BTC) billionaire Michael Novogratz has revised his copy when it comes to cryptocurrency investments. He now advises newcomers to dedicate 5% of their portfolios to BTC. Michael Novogratz particularly “bullish” on the future of Bitcoin Michael Novogratz has always stood out for his rather optimistic positions when it comes to Bitcoin Billionaire and cryptocurrencies […]

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