DEX 1inch aggregator achieves new $ 84M airdrop

DEX 1inch aggregator sends $ 84 million to active Uniswap and Mooniswap users. This is a marketing campaign or “vampire airdrop” to attract users of competing projects.

$ 84 million airdrop

A new 1inch airdrop allows Mooniswap and Uniswap users to receive 1INCH tokens . What are the eligibility criteria?

The airdrop distributed 6 million 1INCH tokens Bitcoin Evolution platform users. To receive the airdrop, users had to interact with Uniswap for at least 20 different days, and have done at least 3 operations in 2021 . Also, the wallets must not have been in contact with 1inch or Mooniswap in the past.

According to a spokesperson for 1inch, there are about 25,000 eligible addresses entitling each user to 240 tokens, or about $ 1,300 at the current price. To claim the airdrop, users need to connect their wallet to DEX’s aggregator: .

Bouton Claim 1inch

In addition, the airdrop also targets users of the Mooniswap exchange. To receive 1INCH tokens, users had to interact with Mooniswap before December 24 . Approximately 4.8 million tokens have been distributed to 9,094 Mooniswap users. This represents 527 1INCH worth approximately $ 3,000 for each eligible wallet.

Finally, 375,000 tokens were distributed to users of wallets like Argent, Authereum, Gnosis and Pillar.

Airdrop vampire

Usually, airdrops are intended to start the life of a token to make it known. But the airdrop made by 1inch had a whole other purpose: to steal some Uniswap and Monniswap users .

This is a marketing campaign, said Sergej Kunz , co-founder of 1inch:

“We see great potential in expanding our community to include users who have not yet used our DEX aggregator. ”

Vampire attacks are not a new concept. The decentralized exchange SushiSwap and its SUSHI token were created in order to vampirize Uniswap by capturing its liquidity.